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Over the years of Hapkido Canberra, like all martial arts clubs, we have enjoyed good times and bad times, times of growth and times of change. Sometimes the Blog has suffered with minimal updates and we haven't placed all of the photos and memories from events.

Here is a sample of our history, updates and information about Hapkido Canberra, Hapkido the martial art and Self Defence.

Latest Blog Items

Setting Goals

Life is full of challenges and sometimes it seems that getting what you want, or just what you need, can be a challenge. In this blog I talk about my own experience with setting goals that are achievable but not necessarily easy. The reward makes the effort worth it.

Global Hapkido Championships in Michigan, USA

Last month I attended the Global Hapkido Championships in Kalamazoo Michigan. 5 action packed days in my first trip to the United States.


Hapkido Canberra:: Martial Arts in Canberra has never had a Dojang with so many classes available to all students.

First time to the USA

This month will see me travel to the USA for the first time to attend the Global Hapkido Championships.

Term 3 Tigers Newsletter

Term 3 Tigers Newsletter including Registration information, class availability and events for October & November.

Mat Chat - June 2014

A brief Mat Chat for June. May was such a massive month, and June is shaping up to be much the same. Separate newsletters will go out regarding Tigers Term 3 so we don't overload everyone with emails.

Term 3 Tigers (4-7yrs) Registration Information (2014)

We've had such a huge demand for the Tiger classes that we will be implementing registrations times that are a little more strict - so we don't disadvantage new students and to avoid less confusion at the start of the Term. 8 Weeks from 5th August to 26th September. Read on for more information>>

Seminar Success with 6th Dan Master Angus

Almost 7 hours of Seminar training everyone who attended will remember the day for many reason; some of them techniques, some of them for the total exhaustion after the huge day.

The Johnston's

Testimonial - Hapkido Canberra I enrolled my 3 Year old daughter and myself in 2013 into Hapkido Canberra, as I was looking for a martial art that was suitable for children of my daughters age, as well as provided the same values as we teach at home. We certainly got that out of Hapkido Canberra.

Mat Chat - May 2014 - Hapkido Canberra Newsletter

Welcome to the first Mat-Chat newsletter. A Mat-Chat is something taken from the Dojang that I would like to use when we send out our monthly update. We try to spend a few minutes in each class to provide a message, principle, thought or idea to the students to help them learn and grow. Over the coming months we will be "trying" to include more Blog bosts and information about not just Martial Arts and Self Defence, but other things about health and wellbeing.
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