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Balancing Work, Family Life and Hapkido

Posted on March 30, 2014

On occasion, people ask me how I manage teaching so many classes and work it all in with my duties as a parent and husband and my full-time work.

Honestly it's not easy, but being an person in modern society isn't really easy no matter where you live.

Life it like anything else we do, as a member of the public community we are expected to do our best and where possible give back to the community that gives us so much.

So I do my best as an Instructor and small business owner, ensuring that everything is up-to-date and correct. You do the same at work doing, work as hard as you can yet showing that your other commitments are just as important. Finally - yet Most Important - Family - Well that is for me, but I that my family support my Hapkido and the efforts around it because they understand why I teach Hapkido and I love them even more because of it.

For you, I cannot give advice to anyone about how to manage their time - I simply ask people to dedicate as much time as they are willing and do their best.