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The Enduring Spirit

Posted on July 11, 2011

Having to wake up at 4:30am to go on a business trip, you realise the clarity (some may say exhausted rants) of your mind and the thoughts that go through your head.

I sprained my ancle this week in a stupid staircase incident - I wish I had a better story for that - but this morning I was thinking about a Pre-Historic Shin bone at the Museum of Ancient History in Sydney. This man had not only broken his leg, he had continued to walk on it, in not doubt necessity, and the two bones had overlapped and fused together.

Think of the horrible amounts of pain he would have endured in his life, and I am complaining about a sore ancle/foot. Poor me.

Martial Arts & Hapkido in particular have many mottos, one of ours is "I will always train my mind and body to the best of my ability", I think that applies outside of the Dojang or Gym. I believe that is should be applied throughout your whole life.

So I will train my mind to stop complaining about minor injuries and focus on our new Dojang location and new students at Hapkido Canberra - ACT Self Defence. Focus on being the best instructor of Martial Arts in Canberra, and ensuring my students learn as much as they can from me.