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We've recently upgraded our website, so most of the historical news and updates are now mixed in with our other Blog Categories.

If you're interested, have a look through our Archive Posts - most of it is in there.

— Oct 8, 2015

Mat Chat - August 2015

Firstly though, we're moving to a new Student Management System called MindBodyOnline - the benefit to you as students will include, once I get all of the information up-to-date, the ability to manage your classes and your children's classes as well as purchase uniforms and much more.

— May 3, 2015

Mat Chat - May 2015

May sees the start of Term 2 at the Dojang with near 100 Little & Big Tigers training at the Dojang each and every week. It has been just as busy for the Adults with special congratulations to: - Jayne King & Phillip Hansen - newly presented 1st Dans - Samuel Hansen - receiving his 2nd Dan Jayne, Phillip & Samuel were joined by a 16 strong contingent from Hapkido Canberra to attend the 1st Official GHA(Australia) Grading & Seminar - more below.

— May 3, 2015

1st Official Global Hapkido Association (AUS) Grading & Seminar

The 1st Official Global Hapkido Association (Australia) Grading & Seminar was held in Melbourne on 25th April 2015. It was an event to remember.

— Apr 1, 2015

Mat Chat - April 2015

— Mar 1, 2015

Mat Chat - March 2015