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We've recently upgraded our website, so most of the historical news and updates are now mixed in with our other Blog Categories.

If you're interested, have a look through our Archive Posts - most of it is in there.

— Feb 1, 2015

Mat Chat - February 2015

— Dec 1, 2014

Mat Chat - December 2014

— Nov 1, 2014

Mat Chat - November 2014

— Oct 5, 2014

Mat Chat - October 2014

September was a busy month in the Dojang, we completed Term 3 with a bang with a grading and BBQ to celebrate the 3rd Anniversary of our Full-time Dojang!! It was a pleasure to get some time off the mats with everyone.

— Jun 4, 2014

Mat Chat - June 2014

A brief Mat Chat for June. May was such a massive month, and June is shaping up to be much the same. Separate newsletters will go out regarding Tigers Term 3 so we don't overload everyone with emails.