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April Seminars Newsletter

Posted on April 28, 2014

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Self Defence Seminars @ Hapkido Canberra in 2014

2014 has kicked off and it's nearly May, so it's time to start the Seminar season to keep us all warm during Canberra's winter months.

Term 2 Kicks off today with all the normal Women's Self Defence, Adults, Family and Tiger classes all back in full swing.

Coming up over the next 6 months we have a selection of Self Defence, Sparring, Ground-Flow and other Seminars happening here at Hapkido Canberra.

To get the year started here are the first few.

  • Seminars with 6th Dan Hapkido Master
  • Hapkido Fitness Bootcamp (Something Different)
  • Women's Self Defence Courses

Our first Seminar is less than 3 weeks away, so book your spots early and don't miss out.

Seminars with 6th Dan Hapkido Master Angus

Click here to Register for this event.

Over 2 days this will be an event that cannot be missed.

Master Angus has over 18yrs experience with Hapkido, Self Defence, Sparring and Practical Real-World Skills.

Students of Hapkido Canberra should speak with SaBomNim Tom as you will receive all of Saturday's Seminars as part of your Grading Fee from the week before.

Even if you're not a student of Hapkido Canberra you are welcome to join us for this amazing and energetic event.

Register Here - to secure your spot for the event or contact SaBomNim Tom on 0414 798 723 to discuss.


Hapkido Fitness Bootcamp

Starting Wednesday 30th April we're offering 2 new classes each week.

Are you keen to get in early, get your heart pumping and get on with your day?

6:15-6:55am - Mondays & Wednesdays.

Hapkido Fitness Bootcamp Classes now available.

The class is open to everyone, non-members only pay $20 p/class or $35 p/week.
Bookings are essential.

Contact SaBomNim Tom on 0414 798 723 to book.

Women's Self Defence Courses


Beginners Women's Self Defence
Intermediate Women's Self Defence
Advanced Women's Self Defence

4 * 2hr Sessions over 4 weeks per course covering the Self Defence principles and practical situation techniques.

If you've ever done Self Defence before you'll  appreciate the way different way we look at the realities that you will face.

Click the image or the link above to Register Toda!

Have your Say

Are you interested in training in a particular way, or are you interested in doing more of something in particular.

Email SaBomNim Tom with your comments and feedback today.

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