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Hapkido Seminar with 6th Dan Master Angus

Posted on February 15, 2014

An amazing day was had with 6th Dan Hapkido Master Angus Uebergang, over 5 hours of Seminars in 1 day.

It was a first seminar at the 2014 new home of Hapkido Canberra, and it was a pleasure to have a 6th Dan Master come all the way from the Gold Coast to conduct a self defence and practical weapons defence seminar.

As always, you had to be there. So we recommend you don't miss the next one in May 2014.


Master Angus is the Chief Instructor of Warrior Hapkido and has been asked to represent Australia, along with SaBomNim Tom, at the Global Hapkido Championship in Michigan, USA, in July 2014.