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March 2014 Newsletter

Posted on March 17, 2014

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Autumn Training @ Hapkido Canberra

As we see the temperature start to return to nicer training conditions we have a lot to be excited about:

  • Term 1 Part 2 kicks off for the Tigers,
  • The Global Hapkido Association has launched,
  • 3 Full weeks of training until the next Grading,
  • Women's Only Hapkido Classes

We look forward to seeing you all at the Dojang at the next class.

Please come along Tuesday 18th March (Adults Class) if you're available as a special presentation will be made.

Term 1 Part 2 kicks off for the Tigers

Hapkido Canberra's New Home

After a well earned break, SaBomNim Tom has returned and is excitedly looking forward to starting the Tiger Classes again.

4 more weeks of classes start this Tuesday, so don't forget. If you haven't started the term - don't worry - we are still accepting students.

Please keep an eye on the Calendar for classes - we always keep this up-to-date.

We're always happy to speak with Parents interested in the program, if you want you're most welcome to click Forward to a friend and email them.

The Global Hapkido Association has launched

Global Hapkido Association - Australia

As you may be aware, the Global Hapkido Association has launched it's official HQ in the USA.

SaBomNim Tom and SaBomNim Angus have been asked to act as Representatives in Australia and will be attending the Global Hapkido Championships this July in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

For more information on the Association visit or the GHA-Australia Facebook page.

3 Full weeks of training until the next Grading

Saturday 5th April - Teens/Adult Grading (10yrs+) @ 9:00am.

Many students have been working hard over the past few months and may have missed the last Grading with SaBomNim's Tom and Angus.

With a full 3 weeks of training to go, there is a lot to be learnt - but a lot of fun to be had while doing it. SaBomNim Tom is happy to make a time on Saturday afternoons if anyone needs any assistance..

Keep up the hard work, good training.

Women's Only Hapkido Classes

Each Tuesday we hold a Women's Self Defence class - starting in April we will be making a big change to the class format that will allow for more techniques to be adapted into Self Defence scenarios and ensure that those of you who cannot come everyweek don't feel you're missing out.

New Starters Promotion Continues for 2014

Due to the success of our New Starters Promotion, we have decided to continue the promotion for all new starters at Hapkido Canberra.

New Students (Adults abd Family Groups) receive this Special Offer. Contact SaBomNim Tom today on 0414 798 723 for more information.

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