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Mat Chat - April 2015

Posted on April 1, 2015

Mat Chat - April'15 | Women's Self Defence Course, Tigers, Grading, New Class...
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Mat Chat - April 2015
Latest News from the Dojang
By SaBomNim Tom
As always we have so much going, and never enough time, so I've tried to keep the newsletter as short as possible.
Don't forget our Women's Self Defence Course next weekend, scroll down for more.
With just under 2 weeks until the April 25 Grading in Melbourne, the Adult classes are becoming very busy. Not everyone can come to Melbourne to Grade so we'll be holding a Grading followed by a BBQ on Saturday 16th May - more news closer to the date.
New Big Tiger & Mum's Class
Starting Tuesday 28th April we'll be having a new class, adding Big Tigers to the Women's class to make a Big Tigers/Mums & Women's class. If you've ever though of taking up Hapkido with your Big Tiger (7-14yrs) we still have 9 spots available.
This class doesn't mean Women can't train, it's just an opportunity for a few more Mums to join in the class wear women have been training for years. If you want to train - Register by clicking the Term 2  button below.
Term 2 Tigers Registration

TIGER PARENTS!!  Term 2 is just as popular as Term 1 this year with the only spots for Little Tigers (4-7yrs) being in the Saturday Morning class and for Big Tigers in the Big Tigers/Mums and Women class on Tuesday night.


If you're interested in registering for a spot, click the Term 2 2015 button below.

Black Belt Grading & Seminar
April 25th in Melbourne will see the first Official GHA-Australia Black Belt Grading & Seminar. So far we have around 14 people going to Melbourne. Grading Fees for Colour Belts are $65 Adults, $40 Under 18. If you're not Grading there is a $30 fee for the Seminar in the Afternoon.
You're still welcome to join us for the trip, reply to this email if you want to know more.
Women's Self Defence Course
On Saturday 18th April 1-4pm, we're holding an All Levels Women's Self Defence course at the Dojang. All Women are welcome and so far we have 6 women who have registered. Register your interest today for our course.


Price: $60 p/person, $100 p/pair - Parents of current students & Current Students Free
Crazy Emails
Thank you for your patience last week with all the crazy emails, I've sent out separate emails of apology and emails to the Tiger parents with the correct list of students in each Little Tiger & Big Tiger classes for Term 2.
As you could imagine managing 150 students and over 500 contacts can be tricky and I really appreciate your understanding.


Tom Adam
0414 798 723
Owner / Chief Instructor


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