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Mat Chat - June 2014

Posted on June 4, 2014

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Mat Chat - June 2014

A brief Mat Chat for June.

May was such a massive month, and June is shaping up to be much the same.

Separate newsletters will go out regarding Tigers Term 3 so we don't overload everyone with emails.

Seminars with Master Angus

Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th May was a massive weekend at Hapkido Canberra with Master Angus, from Warrior Hapkido on the Gold Coast, conducting 2 massive days of Self Defence, Sparring, Ground Flow and Kumdo (Sword).

Everyone had such a great time that we have already booked the next Seminar for Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th September. 

Facebook Event Link! - More next Month about this...

Women's Self Defence Course

This Saturday sees the start of the Beginner Self Defence course at the Dojang.

4 * 2hr Sessions over the 4 weekends of June.

We have several people who have registered interest, if you're keen to join us please visit our Women's Self Defence page and register online.

The full course costs:

  • $120 (Discounted) p/person, or
  • $200 (Discoutned) p/ family pair

Open to anyone who is interested, no previous experience is required and we do our best to make the event fun.

Tigers Term 3

Term 3 is another 8 week Term due to SaBomNim Tom attending the Global Hapkido Championships in the USA this July. 

Please find these Term dates and Registration Dates, we're doing our best to accommodate everyone - however we're reaching our limit for class delivery and spaces so places wont be held if parents don't register. Sorry.


Term Dates

Term 3 Start Date

Tuesday 5th August

Term 3 Finish Date

Saturday 27th September

Term Registration

Registrations Open to existing Tigers on June 16th

and to other Parents on June 29th

A separate Tiger Newsletter will go out just before those dates.


Mat Chat thought

Hapkido has such a depth of technique and principals to explore - it's honest to say that there is more than a single lifetime of learning.

SaBomNim Tom will admit that he has only scratched the surface when it comes to his training, and the Seminar with Master Angus was enough to remind him.

We would ask that people don't feel rushed to reach Black Belt, sure strive to learn new techniques AND also try to ensure you learn to understand the techniques you have already learnt.

SaBomNim has a goal for you all to be better martial artists than him, to be better people and to know that there is greater strength in walking away than to demonstrate your ability.