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Mat Chat - June/July

Posted on October 8, 2015

Mat Chat - June/July 2014
Latest News from the Dojang
By SaBomNim Tom
Winter is upon us here in Canberra, and it's hit pretty hard. But the Dojang will continue to train throughout Winter.
Term 3 ends in under 4 weeks (27 June) for the Dojang and we'll be entering the winter period with a reduced class schedule while SaBomNim Tom is overseas on personal and Hapkido business. (More news on that soon).
Keep training and keep your skills development going as JoKyoNim Paul, Jayne, Phillip & Samuel run the classes and most importantly - HAVE FUN!!
Check out the information below and feel free to reply if you have any questions. 
There won't be a July Mat Chat, but in August we'll come out swinging and do our best to deliver the best martial arts programs in Canberra.
Street Smarts & Safety (Plus ACT Budget)

Our Dojang is placed, on purpose, in the middle of Canberra. We're in one of the busiest streets in Phillip - if not the Woden Valley - so it's really important to take care when entering and exiting the Dojang. We've had a few reports of near misses with some of our Teen & Tween Students, so we ask Parents to remind their slightly older kids to still think about what they're doing crossing the street.


The ACT Budget has announced that they will be starting paid parking in the Phillip Business Precinct, which will undoubtedly affect us - I'll keep everyone up-to-date with any information as it is received.

Fleece Jackets & Beanies

We currently have Kids & Adults Polar Fleece Jackets in the Dojang, if you're interested in ordering one 
- please click this link - we need an order of at least 30 to meet their minimum requirement. Costs per jacket are $50.


We'll be ordering Beanies next week - due before the end of the month for $10 each.

Term 3 Tiger Dates

A reminder that Term 3 will start a little late, the dates for Term 3 for each age group will be:


Little Tigers: (7 Weeks) 
- Start: 11th August

Finish: 26th September 2015 


Big Tigers:(9 Weeks)

Start: 28th July

Finish: 26th September 2015 


Little Tiger Tuition will be reduced during Term 3 for the Shorter Term.

Women's Self Defence Course
The Women's Self Defence course last month was a massive success with 22 women.
Course dates have been updated on the website, click the link and check them out. We've added dates in August, September & November.  


Price: $60 p/person, $100 p/pair 
Parents of current students & Current Students Free

Saturday 7th November 2015 - AIS Combat Centre


Whole of Dojang - Tiger Grading, Kids Grading, Adults Grading & Seminar

Special visit from Grandmaster Hee Kwan Lee, founder of the Global Hapkido Association and martial arts expert. Join the event on Facebook!!

Personal Update from SaBomNim Tom

2015 will mark a special year for my family. In October, or sooner, Dubrovka and I will welcome our 3rd child (a son) and celebrate our 15th anniversary. Before that we'll be travelling through Europe with our daughters to visit the family before we're trapped in Australia for a few years.


It also marks the 5th year of the Hapkido Canberra Dojang, and 5 years since our young family moved to Canberra to start the next phase in our lives.


In August I'll be attending an GHA International Instructors Seminar in Seoul, South Korea, an opportunity to spend the better part of a week working with Instructors from around the world.


Without each and every one of our 600+ current and former students this opportunity would never have become a reality.


I cannot thank you all enough for your support, feedback, criticism, suggestions, remarks and kindness. My daughters Jelenka & Kyntia have grown up with such an amazing community - thank you again.


I look forward to the end of our 5th year, and the next 5 years of Hapkido Canberra.


Kind Regards,


SaBomNim Tom Adam

Chief Instructor /  Owner / Founder

Hapkido Canberra