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Mat Chat - May 2014 - Hapkido Canberra Newsletter

Posted on May 14, 2014

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MAY 2014
Welcome to the first Mat-Chat newsletter.

A Mat-Chat is something taken from the Dojang that I would like to use when we send out our monthly update. We try to spend a few minutes in each class to provide a message, principle, thought or idea to the students to help them learn and grow.

Over the coming months we will be "trying" to include more Blog bosts and information about not just Martial Arts and Self Defence, but other things about health and wellbeing.

In this Mat-Chat:

  • Term 2 Tigers - An update.
  • Women's Self Defence Courses.
  • A thought on training.
  • Seminar - Don't forget to Register.

Can we ask for your help? We'd love to get more Testimonials onto our website and facebook page. Can you submit a testimonial for our website? We'd love to let people know what you think.

Term 2 Tigers

Tiger Class Information

Term 2 is moving along quickly, most of the way through week 3 - where does the time go?

As we move into Winter and the days grow shorter, the kids will seem to feel tired early. But it won't be long until they've settled in.

We do ask though, if your Tiger is sick with the flu please keep them home and warm. For their health and those of all of the Tigers.

We've had so much interest in the Tiger program that we have had to start a waiting list for classes. Exciting for the Dojang, but hard for parents who forget to register. Term 3 Registrations will open on 10th June for existing students and 26th June for new students. Watch this space!!

Women's Self Defence Courses - Open for Bookings

Click here to Register.

Registrations have opened for the Beginners and Intermediate Women's Self Defence courses.

The Beginners course starts on Saturday 7th June - Register Today for your spot and don't miss out.

Don't forget existing Students and Family Members receive a 20% Discount - this discount extends to people who mention "HapKi" in their booking.

Call SaBomNim Tom on 0414 798 723 if you have any questions.

Please Forward this email to a friend you think may be interested in Women's Self Defence classes.

A thought on training

Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming

A lot of people say that they have issues remembering the techniques and ask me "how do you remember?" or say things like "I just can't seem to remember".

A good technique that a lot of people have successfully used over the years is to try to focus on these three things:

  1. What principle are you using? (Block Strike, Block/Take Down, Wrist Techniques)
  2. What is the first Foot and Hand movement?
  3. Where am I supposed to end up?

If you consider these 3 things, most of the time you'll find it a little easier to remember where you are and where you want to be - then you can just focus on how you get there.

There is years of learning available in Hapkido, every small piece of the puzzle gets you further along your journey to Your Hapkido.


Seminars with Master Angus

Over 2 days this will be an event that cannot be missed.

Master Angus has over 18yrs experience with Hapkido, Self Defence, Sparring and Practical Real-World Skills.

Students of Hapkido Canberra should speak with SaBomNim Tom as you will receive all of Saturday's Seminars as part of your Grading Fee from the week before.

Even if you're not a student of Hapkido Canberra you are welcome to join us for this amazing and energetic event.

Register Here - to secure your spot for the event or contact SaBomNim Tom on 0414 798 723 to discuss.

Until next month.


Hapkido Canberra

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