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Mat Chat - October 2014

Posted on October 5, 2014

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Mat Chat - October 2014
Latest News from the Dojang
By SaBomNim Tom
September was a busy month in the Dojang, we completed Term 3 with a bang with a grading and BBQ to celebrate the 3rd Anniversary of our Full-time Dojang!! It was a pleasure to get some time off the mats with everyone.
Congratulations to the 18 students of all ages who graded last week. A week on and the confidence boost and improvement in technique is already showing. Well done!!
Term 4 starts is just around the corner and with training at the Dojang starting to build up as the month begins our push to summer there is a lot on the calendar leading up to Christmas.
Doboks & T-Shirts - Sale
We have a new shipment of Doboks & T-Shirts coming in a few months and we've realised that we have lots of shirts & Doboks for giant people. See attached PriceList, all Doboks over 200cm and T-Shirts over XX-Large are 50% off for the month of October.
October 25th - Tigers Demonstration

TIGER PARENTS!! We're performing a Tiger Demonstration at the French Australia PreSchool Fete on Saturday 25th October at 11:00am.

We'd love to have a few Tigers come along and join in the fun showing everyone what they've learnt. 

GHA Update
This Saturday 12th October will see the official opening of the Global Hapkido Association Korean arm. SaBomNim Tom and his wife will be travelling to Seoul to attend the event at the invitation of Grandmaster Lee as one of the Australian representatives. Here is hoping that the venue for the 2014 Global Championships will be confirmed on that trip also. Watch this space.
Women's Self Defence Course
On Saturday 18th October 2:00pm - 5:30pm we're hold a Beginners Women's Self Defence afternoon course. All are welcome and so far 5 people have registered to attend. It will be a short-course focusing on blocking, breaking holds and escapes.  


Price: $60 p/person, $100 p/pair - Parents of current students & Current Students Free
First Tiger Class for the Term on Tuesday October 14th, of course the Big Tiger/Family class continues throughout the holidays.
Most of the classes are now booked, however a few places are still available <<Register Here>>.
Setting Goals
Life is full of challenges and sometimes it seems that getting what you want, or just what you need, can be a challenge. In this blog I talk about my own experience with setting goals that are achievable but not necessarily easy. The reward makes the effort worth it. Read More>>

Saturday 13th December 9:00am - 2:00pm 


Hapkido Canberra Christmas Party | Tiger Grading & Whole of Dojang BBQ

 We'd love to see you all there so save the date or join the event on Facebook!!

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