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Seminar Success with 6th Dan Master Angus

Posted on May 24, 2014

Almost 7 hours of Seminar training everyone who attended will remember the day for many reason; some of them techniques, some of them for the total exhaustion after the huge day.

Everyone will remember the day for one reason - we all had so much fun.

Read more below the image:

All the happy faces at the Seminar with 6th Dan Master Angus

The day kicked off at 10:00am after the normal Tigers and Family Classes.

Topics focused on sparring techniques and the incorporation of self defence skills learnt at Master Angus' last seminar coupled with new material and our extensive Hapkido syllabus.

So much was covered, too much for just one news story. However the recommendations stand - these are events that should not be missed.

More Seminars will be available over the coming months, so watch our Future Seminars, Courses & Events page for information or Contact Us today to start training.