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Hapkido Beginners Check-List

Posted on March 30, 2014

  1. Visit the school and watch a class.
  2. Speak to the instructor, ask a lot of questions.
  3. Be satisfied of the instructor's experience, attitude, legitimate certification and that they are supervised (if under 4th dan black-belt). Don't be afraid to call the instructor's own teacher for a reference.
  4. Participate in a trial class.
  5. Be satisfied with the club's atmosphere and legitimate affiliation.
  6. Be satisfied that you are learning true and full Hapkido, not a patchwork of other martial arts or taekwondo trying to be Hapkido.
  7. Once you start, train hard and use every minute of training time effectively. Like life, you only get as much out of Hapkido as you put in.