Hapkido Techniques

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What sort of techniques does Hapkido Teach?

Posted on January 26, 2010

While learning Hapkido the student acquires numerous skills.  These include Tan-Jeon breathing for improved general health, fitness and power.  Also practiced are a wide variety of kicks, punches, blocks and strikes.  As the student develops they will go on to learn tripping, throws, wrist & arm locks and holds.  At advanced levels the Hapkido students can also study weapons like sword, staff, fan, dan-bong (short stick), cane and belt.

But more important than fighting technique are the life skills a student learns.  Our classes promote self-discipline, humility, honesty and respect for others.  These skills avoid a lot more conflicts than self defence technique can.  As a result of the training, qualities like self-confidence, stress-relief and physical fitness develop naturally.

What sort of techniques

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