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Adam "Kloppers" Kloppenburg

Posted on November 17, 2015

Since I was young I was fascinated with martial arts and had always wanted to give something a try. It took me until I moved to Canberra to finally take the plunge. I was attracted to Hapkido Canberra due to the self-defence ethos, the flexibility of classes and the focus on fun and safety… it also looked awesome! I began training in August 2014 on a Saturday morning, and was warmly welcomed onto the mats by SaBomNim Tom and the other students. We had a great class and I signed up that day and I have been training ever since!


Classes are always varied, with traditional warm ups followed by a  good mix of fitness, techniques and self-defence drills. SaBomNim Tom also arranges useful seminars on occasion, run both by himself and visiting instructors. The ‘dojang’ is always very welcoming and everyone trains well together. SaBomNim Tom is an enthusiastic and energetic instructor (even after running his kids’ classes), and is always willing to help you to achieve your best by building your Hapkido skills around your strengths and weaknesses. There is a good mix of people that train at the dojang that bring their own perspectives and training styles. Hapkido Canberra also has a great sense of community, and I have even had the opportunity to join in in national events run in conjunction with the Global Hapkido Association.


On a personal level, Hapkido has helped me achieve things that I didn’t think I could do. It is good to be able to keep fit and while learning both practical and traditional skills (and even the odd useful Korean phrase like ‘Thank you!’ or ‘Front kick, back kick!’). I feel encouraged to continue to train at Hapkido Canberra over the next few years, up to and beyond my first black belt!