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The Johnston's

Posted on May 16, 2014

I enrolled my 3 Year old daughter and myself in 2013 into Hapkido Canberra, as I was looking for a martial art that was suitable for children of my daughters age, as well as provided the same values as we teach at home.

We certainly got that out of Hapkido Canberra.

I ended up joining as well as Hapkido is the perfect martial art for both Children and Adults as it focuses on technique and using an attackers energy against them, rather than requiring brute strength to get out of sticky situations.

Hapkido Canberra also encourages violence as a last resort only and to avoid it at all costs which is something that is important to us when bringing up our children.The tiny tigers program (customised for 2.5 Years - 4 Years) mainly focuses on co-ordination, concentration and having fun while learning the basics of the curriculum which my daughter loves.

Both my daughter and I also have the opportunity to train and learn together, which we both love doing, and has very much improved our bond. I have noticed my daughter is now a much better listener and her concentration has greatly improved since joining last year.

A Little Tiger flipping SaBomNim Tom at the Farrer School Fete 2013.