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Tigers (4 - 10yrs)

— Jun 29, 2014

Term 3 Tigers Newsletter

Term 3 Tigers Newsletter including Registration information, class availability and events for October & November.

— May 30, 2014

Term 3 Tigers (4-7yrs) Registration Information (2014)

We've had such a huge demand for the Tiger classes that we will be implementing registrations times that are a little more strict - so we don't disadvantage new students and to avoid less confusion at the start of the Term. 8 Weeks from 5th August to 26th September. Read on for more information>>

— Mar 30, 2014

2014 Tigers Term 2 Registrations Open

We offer 3 Tiger Classes - Tiny Tigers (3-4yrs, Little Tigers (4-7yrs) and Big Tigers (7-10yrs) - Registrations are now open for Term 2 2014 for our 7 classes each week for these age groups. Register today or call SaBomNim Tom on 0414 798 723 to discuss.