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Women's Courses

Women's Self Defence Courses

Would you know how to react in a high-stress situation where your life was a risk?

Only through practice and knowledge can you develop an understanding of how you would react.

Each month Women’s Self Defence courses are offered at the Hapkido Canberra Dojang that cover all types of topics – from the traditional, to the modern methods available.

Group Bookings are welcome and courses can be tailored to suit a particular topic, or a whole range.

Come along for a complimentary class or give SaBomNim Tom a call on 0414 798 723 today to discuss.

We hold  Women's Self Defence Courses throughout the year - register (see right) for courses.

Starting at 1:30pm on the Saturday (see right to book) at the Hapkido Canberra Dojang.

Courses are 3hrs long and cover the basics of Self Defence from the Hapkido perspective.

$50 per person or $75 per pair.

SaBomNim Tom and the 16 Women who participated in the Women's Self Defence Course on 18th April 2015.

Register for one of our Women's Self Defence Courses

Testimonials from Courses:

Awesome course, great to share it with so many other women. Tom, you really layered the learning well so that by the end, I felt like i had an arsenal and had the confidence to use it. I guess even though i'm not into fighting talk, in the context of women's self defence, that's a good thing.

Jackie - April 2015

I really enjoyed the course, it covered quite a range of subjects but was well thought out. It brought back some memories from when i used to do taekwondo and i certainly feel as though i'm more aware and have a good insight to what my body can do if i should ever need to use it.

Janelle - April 2015

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