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Big Tigers/Teens (7-12yrs) & Family

Term 1 2017 Update - All Big Tiger / Family Classes are Fully Booked

Hapkido is an excellent means to bring out your child's potential. 

Our Junior Syllabus is designed to build confidence, co-ordination and skills at each level. Essential foundation techniques, patterns and other aspects of Hapkido are taught in a safe, disciplined and positive manner. The junior syllabus is part of the adult syllabus, it is not 'just invented for kids'. Children learn up to 70-80 effective Hapkido self defence techniques (there are over 140 techniques in the full adult 1st Dan black belt syllabus).

Classes are more than simply punching, blocking and kicking. Kids do not learn how 'to fight' but learn how 'not to fight' .

They learn how to control themselves and any attacker, building confidence to deal with confronting situations.

Though regular training 

kids can develop fitness and build up their skills. Major skills include: break falling, techniques including: wrist escapes, restraining, block/counter, stepping, patterns (forms), breathing and meditation exercises, balance, kicking, punching - all leading to self-control.


fees are not based on school terms. A choice of flexible training packs are available or unlimited training based on monthly fees. A small membership fee is due on joining. Special discounts apply where more than one child of the same family joins.

Parents can join in too. 

Why just drop them off and pick them up? Parents can also experience the benefits of Hapkido. Parents are welcome to train at the same time (separate groups) as their children. This helps build strong family relationships. Special family discount rates are offered to encourage you to join in. We have many parents enjoying the benefits of Hapkido. Do it for yourself!

Otherwise, simply come and relax in our lounge area whilst your kids enjoy themselves.

Interested in learning more!