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Little Tigers (5-7yrs)

Kids have to learn so much as they grow, so we have tailored each class type to suit the needs of kids as they grow and develop. 

Tiger classes generally run for the first 9 weeks of each school Term - see our Timetable for class times.

Tiger classes at Hapkido Canberra focus on developing the important skills:

  • Self Confidence
  • Resilience & Respect
  • Coordination
  • How to have fun

Read on about our different classes for each age group.

Tiger News

Tiger Birthday Parties

Looking for a different kind of Birthday Party? Why not having a party where kids get to burn off some of that sugar generated energy while learning a few self defence techniques?

Little Tigers - Kids aged 5yrs - 7yrs

As well as all the skills taught to the Tiny Tigers, Little Tigers start to learn some basic self defence principles and start to learn some practical techniques.

We introduce more movement and more activities working with a partner. Little Tigers are of the age where they are learning (outside the Dojang) to play with kids their own age - rather than playing beside them - and they start to learn how to work with their peers.

This class is the original Tigers class at Hapkido Canberra. It started in September 2011 with 2 students, we now offer 5 classes per week with over 70 Tigers through the Dojang each week.


Big Tigers - Kids aged 7 - 12yrs

Our Big Tigers have started to know they can absorb all of the techniques from the Little Tiger classes. They are now starting to train with the kids and families in the Family Class.

They are starting to learn and absorb huge amounts of information at school and from each other. Our Big Tigers are now training in the Family/Teen class, they have gone from being the Big Fish in the small pond - to being the small fish in the Big Pond.

We now open up 50% of the Adult syllabus to them, BUT we remember they are still small people and we don't place the pressures on them to learn and develop at the same rate as teenagers and adults.

Big Tigers also learn how to work with older students and how important it is to be able to express yourself appropriately and to concentrate during class.

Interested in finding out more about the Tiger Program?

If you are interested in discussing your Tiger and an interest in taking up Tiger classes, complete the form below and we'll be in touch - or simply call 0414 798 723 and speak with SaBomNim Tom today!